The Universal Video Player

Do you want to monetize your website with video ads without making any video content? The Universal Video Player will let you do just that.

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What is the Universal Player?

The Universal Video Player is a small, sticky player that doesn’t require any uploaded video content. It plays short outstream video ads as the reader scrolls.

It can provide an earnings boost no matter what your current setup is. It’s an easy way to take advantage of high video CPMs without creating any video content. If your site already has video, you'll still see a benefit.

Mobile View

Desktop View

What kinds of ads will play?

The Universal Player serves programmatic outstream video ads. This means that, just like your display ad inventory, ads will be tailored to your readers and their interests.

What’s the difference between the Universal Player and the Mediavine Video Player?

The Universal Video Player does not require that you upload your own video content in order to serve up those high-paying video CPMs that can have such a huge impact on your earnings and RPM. It's also much smaller than the Mediavine Video Player at just 178px x 100px.

By contrast, the Mediavine Video Player will run pre-roll video ads before your own video content that you have uploaded to the dashboard.

BONUS! The Universal Player is great at increasing video impressions per session.

High CPM + Increased Impressions = $$$$

How do I set the Universal Player Up?

Just go to Settings > Video and toggle it on. To maximize performance for this unit, check out this article for additional settings adjustments.

How do I track earnings?

We all know RPM is our favorite metric to look at, but for this unit, you want to keep an eye on revenue and impressions in your “Display by Ad Unit’.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. To make sure you're comparing a full 24 hours, it's best to wait at least 2 days after enabling to start tracking performance.

  2. If you are coming from a more traditional video setup with the Mediavine Video Player, and you've followed the above recommendations, you WILL see a decrease in video impressions and revenue. Impressions and revenue are shifting to the Universal Player, so that is to be expected.

If you have any questions on how to set up the Universal Video Player or evaluate performance, we're happy to help! Just reach out to

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