Spotlight Subscribe allows your readers to sign up for your newsletter while also prompting them to create an account, or if they already have an account, to log into Grow.

Creating a Grow account allows readers to save favorites and bookmarks, while also collecting the necessary consent required to authenticate the traffic and collect the first-party data needed in order to serve personalized ads (which increases your $$$).

How to Enable

Navigate to Grow (BETA) and scroll down until you see the Spotlight Subscribe Widget and toggle it on.

What You Can Adjust

Once this is enabled you have the ability to change the default Call to Action text for the heading, body, and button. You are also able to upload an image to the dashboard.

You can upload an image to the Spotlight Subscribe settings by clicking on the image section within the settings.

This image can be changed by clicking the red trash can icon in the top right of the image.

You are also able to create your own custom widgets and manually place them with the Grow Power Pack! Creating more than one Subscribe Widget allows you to place a customized Subscribe geared toward the type of content a user is reading.

Display Functionality

Once Spotlight Subscribe is enabled, the subscribe "Call to Action" box is currently set at 10% of the way down your content area.

If you have already subscribed, you won't see the "Call to Action" box on the page, but you can always check in an incognito browser window to make sure it is displaying as you'd like!

What's the Deal with "Spotlight?"

The Spotlight feature is a fun animation effect that happens as the reader scrolls through your post. Once they reach the subscribe "Call to Action," the background fades to black and makes the CTA a bit more noticeable.

This is the default functionality of the Subscribe widget and was built this way to get your reader's attention and increase conversion!

Collecting Explicit Consent

We're collecting explicit consent with the checkbox. Readers will need to select this checkbox in order to proceed. If they do not have the provided checkbox enabled, they will see a message prompting them to make sure it is selected to continue.

Once subscribed, a success message will display.

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