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Here is information that details the new features that are associated with MCP 2.6!

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MCP will be releasing an update in the near future! For information about the newest features, please read on.

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Ads.txt Redirect

MCP 2.6 will now be utilizing the IAB ads.txt 1.02 spec that allows redirects from the ads.txt file to a third-party “manager” of this file.

Translation: MCP will no longer have to fetch the file from us every time a change is required. Instead, MCP will redirect requests to your ads.txt file directly to Mediavine, skipping any extra steps.

Not only does this keep you in compliance with the ads.txt requirement, it also saves you from having to worry about falling out of sync going forward.

How does this affect me?

Well, for most of you, this means that you’re automatically going to be in sync with the latest version of ads.txt. This also means you’ll always have a teal health check when it comes to ads.txt.

Additionally, this redirect method still works with custom ads.txt lines in your Mediavine settings.

Some hosts might not support WordPress plugins setting up redirects. In these cases, MCP still has your back.

If MCP is unable to set up that redirect for any reason, it will still faithfully pull in the changes as it has been for the previous four years, keeping you in compliance without having to manage those updates yourself.

After the 2.6 update, if you’re curious about which method MCP is using on your site, you can see for yourself on the MCP Settings page under the “Advanced” section.

What if I don’t want automatic updates?

We’ve always allowed publishers to take control of their ads.txt compliance and that doesn’t change with 2.6.

While we don’t recommend it, you can opt to keep your ads.txt files up to date manually by clicking the “Disable Ads.txt” button in your MCP settings.

Keep in mind that if you do opt-out of MCP Managing your ads.txt file, you will need to manually keep ads.txt up to date. To do this, check out our help article on how to manually update ads.txt.

AMP Web Stories Ad Support

AMP added a feature called Web Stories where a site can add a full-screen visual story experience to their site. The AMP team created a Web Stories plugin so that publishers can have control over the output and display of these stories.

MCP 2.6 adds support by adjusting the amp advertising markup so that there are no AMP errors. Additionally, from the site ID added to MCP, the adunit name is retrieved, so your Mediavine ads can be displayed on a web story. Ads are displayed after the first 6-8 slides, and the GDPR notice will also display correctly when browsing from locations that require it.

A minimum of WordPress 5.3 is required to use this feature, because that is the minimum required version for the Web Stories plugin.

How do I disable ads from Web Stories?

If you don't want ads on your Web Stories, it's easy to disable. In Wordpress, just go to Settings > Mediavine Control Panel and uncheck this box

Per Post/Page Ad Settings

You now have the ability to disable ads on a per post/page basis, directly from MCP through the use of a Gutenberg block, rather than pulling the code from your Mediavine Dashboard.

The interface to modify the settings is the same as in your dashboard, but once the specific ad settings have expired, a notice is added when editing that specific page/post that the disable block can now be removed.

A minimum of WordPress 5.2 is required to use this feature.


Ad Settings block in Gutenberg to disable ads

Options to disable ad settings through MCP

Disabled ads admin notice

Disable ads expired admin notice

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