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Skylight ads are large mobile in-content ads that do not take up any additional space. With this feature, the ad box acts as a window revealing more of the ad as you scroll. In testing, Skylight boosted mobile in-content CPM by an average of 7%.

Is Skylight a separate ad unit?

It is not a separate ad unit, and Skylight earnings are not listed separately in the dashboard. The best way to track performance is to monitor your mobile in-content CPM.

Will every ad perform this way?

The Skylight effect will only be available on every other ad slot. It is also limited by the programmatic auction. If a Skylight ad does not win, then a regular in-content ad will display.

Does Skylight work on desktop?

Skylight is only available on mobile and tablet devices.

I saw a small viewability drop after enabling Skylight. Is that normal?

If you had InView enabled prior to Skylight, you may see a slight viewability dip.

With InView alone, 100% of your mobile in-content ads have increased viewability. Skylight impressions do not have the same viewability lift, so adding them can have a slight impact on your score.

If you were not running InView prior to Skylight, you shouldn't see much of a difference in viewability.

Skylight looks different on my phone than the graphic in this article. Is that okay?

In testing, we found that some device and browser combinations are not compatible with the parallax (smooth scroll) behavior of Skylight. In some cases, Skylight ads will look static - depending on the device and browser you're using. It will still have the "peek in" effect, but the slow scrolling parallax behavior will be disabled on some device and browser combinations.

Anything else I should know?

Skylight may not be compatible with all themes, so we recommend checking out your mobile site after you enable it to ensure there are no conflicts.

  1. Go to Settings > Ad Settings and make sure the Optimize Ads for CLS setting is enabled.

2. From there, scroll down to the Skylight section and toggle it on!

Skylight ads will boost mobile in content CPM. To find that data, go to the Display by Ad Unit section in your dashboard and click on Content to see details by device.

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