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Has your name changed?
Has your name changed?

Find out where to update your information.

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If your legal name has changed since you last filed taxes, you'll need to update the information listed in your Payment Profile.

Head to the Payments Tab in your Mediavine dashboard. Select Payment Profile.

This is the name listed on your W-9, and what will subsequently be listed on your 1099 for filing your taxes:

Update your name here as soon as it has changed to save yourself a headache come tax time!

Once you have edited the name field, scroll to the bottom and select Next to advance through the next steps.

PRO TIP: In Step 2, if you see a blank screen like this:

Just scroll up to see the Next button.

Step 3 is where you will need to edit your W9 to reflect your new name.

Please take a minute to verify that your address and SSN are correct.

These details should match what you entered in Step 1.


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