Google Analytics 4, also known as GA4 is Google's latest iteration of analytics tracking for your site. Recently Google announced that effective July 2023, GA4 will fully replace the current version of analytics known as Universal Analytics or UA.


Make sure you do not delete the UA view or remove the UA tag from your site. This is what maintains the connection to your Mediavine Dashboard, and is what allows us to calculate things like RPM, earnings by country, device, impressions per pageview, and so much more.

Most tools are not currently compatible with GA4, and that includes the Mediavine Dashboard, so if you are interested in implementing GA4 before 2023, you'll need to run both GA4 and UA concurrently in order to maintain the vital analytics connection to your Mediavine dashboard.

Fortunately it's super easy to set up GA4 without disconnecting UA!

  1. Log into your current Google Analytics account for the site to which you want to add GA4, then click admin in the lower left corner:

  2. On the next screen, select "GA4 Setup Assistant" from the center column:

  3. Select "I want to create a New Google Analytics 4 Property" from the available options:

  4. On the next screen the wizard will create your new Google Analytics 4 property. Check the box for enabling data collection using your existing tags, and then hit Create Property:

    Note: Under some circumstances, analytics will not be able to reuse your existing tags. If you are unable to check this box, you can still create the property, but will need to follow these instructions afterwards.

    That's it! Your GA4 property has been created. This screen allows you to click through to see the new GA4 property:

    Which looks like this:

You can view both using the blue buttons in those screens during setup, but in the future, you can toggle between the two different views here:

As always if you have questions, please reach out to

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