Exclusive Content allows you to lock specific articles, recipes, images, printables, etc., behind a Grow login page. This Exclusive Content feature will help you encourage your readers to log into or make a Grow account while simultaneously, subscribing to your newsletter!

What types of content can I lock?

Use Exclusive Content for your post's most valuable content. How you use it will largely depend on the type of content you write. For example, a food blogger might lock an entire recipe, while a craft blogger might lock a DIY printable.

The possibilities are almost endless! 🎉

Enabling Exclusive Content

This feature is different than our other Grow features, in that it’s not something you can just turn on. But rather, you need to go into your post editor to actually block the content you’re wanting to lock.

You can get the full run down in this help article, but before you jump to blocking your content, scroll down to Exclusive Content within your dashboard, and customize the widget, if you’d like!

You can find these settings in the Dashboard > Grow (Beta) > Exclusive Content; keep these settings blank, for a default widget to appear. If using the default option, it will match your brand colors if you’ve chosen to set them up.


You’re able to customize the Exclusive Content feature with the article, recipe, image, etc. that you’re trying to unlock! Just update the default text for your locked content by editing the following fields-

Header: This is the title of your Exclusive Content widget.

Subtext: This text will show under the header. This is where you can give your readers more detail about what is behind the lock.

Button: The text that will show on the button.

Here’s how that customized widget will appear to your readers-

Why is this important?

The Exclusive Content feature will help you encourage your readers to log into or make a Grow account. Simultaneously, they will also be subscribing to your newsletter!

Not only will you be adding to your subscriber list, but this will allow you to build your authenticated traffic and give you a head start in collecting first-party data.

Need a quick rundown on why that's important?

Google Chrome will be phased-out of third-party cookies by 2023. This is a change that will deeply affect programmatic advertising. Grow is Mediavine's approach for collecting first-party data from users who log in and provide consent to receive personalized ads.

Long story short: Personalized ads = more money in your pocket.

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