To comply with CCPA/CPRA, we have created a California Privacy Notice that details the data collected and processed in connection with the Mediavine ad management services.

The Notice also provides California residents the option of opting out of the sale or sharing of their personal information and/or the deletion of their personal information in connection with Mediavine cross-context behavioral advertising.

What is the California Privacy Notice?

The Notice, along with the existing Do Not Sell or Share My Information Link gives users the option on the page to opt out of having their personal information sold or shared in connection with Mediavine cross-context behavioral advertising.

The Notice and Link are geo-targeted and will only show for California residents. The Link will remain on the page whether the user has chosen to opt out or not.

What it looks like for your readers

CCPA requires that a business that collects a consumer’s personal information to inform the consumer “at or before the point of collection” regarding the categories of data that will be collected, as well as the purposes for which that data will be used.

This means that for readers visiting your site from California, they will see this banner on your site:

This is what it looks like on mobile:

You can test this on your own site outside of California by adding "?test=ccpa" (without the quotes) to the end of your URL.

Important Details

  • The banner notice offers the reader the option to dismiss, but if the reader does not dismiss the banner, it will appear for 8 seconds and then disappear on its own.

  • Once the notice is dismissed OR disappears, it will not reappear on that site for that browser until the cookie expires. The amount of time for this expiration is defined by the browser but generally will be a longer time for Chrome than Safari users.

  • The notice provides a “Learn More” link that will open a modal providing further privacy disclosures, as well as a link to the form that allows them to opt out of targeted advertising. Please note that the Notice only provides information related to Mediavine ad management and does not account for any other data collection and/or processing activities on your website.

  • The Notice can be accessed at any time through the “Do Not Sell or Share My Information” link that appears on your website.

  • There are 4 options to choose from regarding placement of the required “Do Not Sell or Share My Information” link.


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