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Mediavine Control Panel: An overview of our WordPress plugin
Mediavine Control Panel: An overview of our WordPress plugin

How to use our handy plugin to connect your Mediavine account to your WordPress site.

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The Mediavine Control Panel is our lightweight, easy-to-use WordPress plugin.  It has several functions, with more to come! Let's take a look at what the Mediavine Control Panel Plugin can do. 

First, install the Mediavine Control Panel plugin. 

Here's what the MCP plugin can do: 


Under General settings, there is a field for your Mediavine Site ID. 

To find yours, go to your Mediavine dashboard, then navigate to Settings > Ad Setup. It will look like food-fanatic or bluebonnet-baker. 

Copy and paste your Site ID into this field: 


Every Mediavine site should be running the most up-to-date script wrapper. The script wrapper is what "talks" to your site and tells all the ads where to appear based on your Mediavine dashboard settings. We do update the script wrapper periodically, and so having the Mediavine Control Panel plugin installed means that you'll always have the most up-to-date version.  

You may use this plugin to install the most recent version by checking the box next to "Include Script Wrapper." 

It's VERY IMPORTANT to note that if you already have the Mediavine script wrapper installed another way, you'll need to remove the other instance so that you only have one script wrapper running. (It may be inserted via your theme settings or a plugin like Header & Footer or Genesis Simple Hooks.)
One script wrapper = GREAT
Two script wrappers = not so great


Mediavine is completely SSL compatible and the Mediavine Control Panel plugin can help all the details of serving ads over your secure site really easy. We check for two things to make sure your ads and your site will continue to play nice:

  1. a Content Security Policy (CSP for short).

The Content Security Policy forces all ads secure. Without a CSP in place an ad could cause the secure lock in your browser to break. 

You can enable a Content Security Policy with the Mediavine Control Panel plugin by checking the box next to "Block Insecure Assets.

We are always updating our technology to better meet your needs. 

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