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What is it, and why do you need one?

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In order to be compliant with all of the various laws and regulations that go along with running a website, you need to have an updated privacy policy live on your site that is easily navigable and accessible. Many website owners choose to link the privacy policy in the footer or menu bar.
โ€‹See this page for the specific text you can include to describe your Display Ads

A privacy policy is a page that lives on your site and discloses to your readers what information your site is gathering about them, how you will use it, and other important and legally required information about how you gather data.

It's the law! But also...

Many of our partners require this to be in place in order to participate in your auction, so not only is a good idea from a business perspective, but it will also impact your revenue as well.ย 


For Mediavine's purposes, your Privacy Policy must contain the following required text. This text is in relation to your Mediavine Programmatic Advertising and pertains only to that. It can be anywhere on the page.

We cannot give specific advice as to what your Privacy Policy should contain, or where to place the Mediavine-provided text as your privacy policy is a legal document and we aren't lawyers.

If you already have a Privacy Policy, you will want to check and make sure it is up-to-date and has all of the information required to comply with new laws that went into effect in May 2018 for GDPR, as well as 2020 CCPA legislation.

If you do not have a privacy policy yet, you need one! Consulting an attorney is your best bet, and make sure that they are experienced with blogs and privacy policy concerns. There are also some great templates out there that can be a good place to start.

In the meantime, please put the Mediavine-required text up while you are working on the rest.

Your Privacy Policy needs to be linked from your homepage. Most tend to put this link in the menu bar or the footer. Either option is fine with us!

Once your privacy policy is updated, please visit your Mediavine Dashboard's Settings area:

And click the "Privacy Policy" tab.

Click Save Settings, and you are done!

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