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Choosing a Tax Document
Choosing a Tax Document

More information on the tax forms available when setting up a Payment Profile in your Mediavine dashboard

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When setting up a payment profile in your Mediavine dashboard, you'll be asked to fill out a tax form.

Our partner Tipalti offers a guided tax form wizard to help you choose the correct form based on country and business structure, which in turn helps Mediavine automatically issue you a 1099 form.

How do I choose a tax form?

You'll need to set up a Payment Profile in your Mediavine dashboard first. Here's how.

What are the payment methods?

We have a guide to choosing the right one for you right here!

What are the tax documents?

You are given the option to choose a W-9 tax form or enter Non-US as your tax designation. Click through for a description from the Internal Revenue Service.

  • W-9: U.S. publishers

Mediavine cannot provide tax advice, and we recommend you contact an accountant if you have further questions.

What if I get an error?

Please make sure you are completing the correct form for your unique situation. We recommend working with an accountant.

Will I receive a 1099?

Good question! We have just the guide for you.

More questions?

You can get in touch via the chat bubble in the corner of your browser, or you can email us at! Please consult an accountant if you have questions about specific tax forms.

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