Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of our top priorities at Mediavine. 

Why? We got our start as an SEO firm in 2004, and have used our knowledge to grow our own sites that we publish, including The Hollywood Gossip, one of the top celebrity gossip sites on the web. Search traffic accounts for a big chunk of our sessions, so we do everything with SEO in mind. 

We've rounded up our top, free SEO resources for you below. Check them out and get optimizing! 

SEO Articles & Blog Posts

Best Practices

SEO Like a CEO Blog Post Series

The Ultimate Easy SEO Checklist

Mediavine Guide to SEO Best Practices

How to Choose the Right Keyword for You

Improving Rankings with Google Search Console

Image File Name SEO

Above the Fold SEO


Mediavine Content Upgrade Challenge — A three-part challenge to help you optimize your posts for better RPM and SEO. We recommend taking it at least once per quarter to help you maximize your earnings. 

  • Week 1 - Identifying Which Posts to Optimize

  • Week 2 - Optimizing Your Posts

  • Week 3 - Sharing Your Work and Tracking Your Growth

Mediavine RPM Challenge: 2020 Update

Mediavine Guide to Optimizing Content for Better SEO and Ad Performance

Optimizing Your Most Valuable Content for Better RPM and SEO

Improve RPM and SEO with Headings

Increase Font Size and SEO and RPM Along With It

Word Count: Why More is More for SEO and Ad Revenue Alike

Get Your Site Ready for Q1

SEO & Ads 

Ads & SEO: Can they Co-Exist? 

Mediavine Script Wrapper 2.0

Lazy Loading Ads: Why Mediavine Ads Load 200% Faster (This was featured on the Google blog)

Page Speed

Why Page Speed Matters

Optimize Ads for Mobile Pagespeed

Optimize Ads for Desktop Pagespeed

Scroll to Play Video Player

Lazy Loaded Video Player

Optimize Images with Short Pixel

How to Do a Plugin Self Audit


SEO Like a CEO Video Series

Go For Teal Series — Our weekly YouTube video series about optimization, SEO and ads hosted by Mediavine CEO Eric Hochberger.

Unlocking RPM with Aimee Shugarman and Courtney O'Dell (2018 Summer of Live) — Hear from two Mediavine publishers who have implemented nearly every suggestion we've ever given them and who have seen great growth in SEO and traffic overall because of it.

SEO Tips & Tricks with Amber Bracegirdle (2018 Teal Talk)

Sizzlin' SEO with Amber Bracegirdle and Joshua Unseth (2018 Summer of Live)

Growing Your Traffic with Stephanie Keeping and Lena Gott (2018 Summer of Live)

Theory of Content Live! episode with Amber Bracegirdle and Joshua Unseth (2018 Mediavine Conference, hosted at Google's HQ) 

Harnessing SEO Without Losing Your Mind with Amber Bracegirdle and Joshua Unseth (2017 Mediavine Conference in Charleston) 

Mythbusters SEO Edition with Eric and Mike Pearson (2021 Teal Talk)

SEO like a Pro with John Mueller (2021 Teal Talk)

Create by Mediavine

Our robust WordPress plugin, Create by Mediavine, is built with SEO in mind. Add printable recipe cards, how-to craft cards and lists that are marked up with Schema that search engines love to use for rich results. 

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