PageSpeed is one of our top priorities at Mediavine. 

Search engines and even social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook have stated that speed is one of their priorities. Since search engines drive most of the traffic to our own sites that we publish, SEO — and therefore speed — are of the utmost importance to us. 

We've rounded up our top, free speed resources for you below. Check them out and get optimizing! 

Want to Hit the Easy Button Instead?

Switching to Trellis, our Speed-Optimized WordPress Framework, is one of the quickest ways to improve your site’s performance. Optimized for ads and success in Core Web Vitals, Trellis can turbocharge both your revenue and your site speed. Check out the Mediavine Marketplace for purchasing instructions or our collection of Help Docs for installation and configuration support.

Speed Articles & Blog Posts

Best Practices 

Site Speed

Why Page Speed Matters

Why Site Speed is Driving Everyone's Development Decisions

Our Technology 

Mediavine Script Wrapper 2.0

Optimize Ads for Pagespeed

Scroll to Play Video Player

Lazy Loaded Video Player

Majority of Trellis Sites Pass Core Web Vitals


Optimize Images with Short Pixel

How to Do a Plugin Self Audit

Improve Your Site Speed and GPSI Score 


Maximizing Page Speed with Technology 

Blog Tech 911 with Lauren Grey and Peter Green  (2018 Summer of Live)

Open Blog Surgery Panel (2018 Mediavine Conference, hosted at Google's HQ) 

The Importance of PageSpeed with Mediavine CEO Eric Hochberger (2017 Mediavine Conference in Charleston)  

AMA with Our CEO Eric Hochberger: Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3

Create by Mediavine

Our robust WordPress plugin, Create by Mediavine, is built with speed and SEO in mind. Add printable recipe cards, how-to craft cards and lists that are marked up with Schema that search engines love to use for rich results. 

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