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Getting Started With the Mediavine Dashboard
Getting Started With the Mediavine Dashboard

Get to know the Mediavine Dashboard! More data, more views, more ways to learn about and grow your business!

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The Mediavine Dashboard puts detailed, comprehensive data at your fingertips. Let's take a quick tour and hit a few of the highlights. 

You can see the initial screenview above where you'll find all your details about earnings and RPM. Navigation is off to the left, and Site Health is over to the right side of the screen so that you can see a nice overview of where the last 3 days are at. 

Health Check ❤️

Site Health is everyone's favorite way to Go for Teal. It measures the number of impressions per session, same as before, but wait! There's more! 

You can access the health checks in a few ways. You can click on 'Health Check' in that left side rail, or you can click the title of the health check you are hoping to learn more about. 

Each Health Check offers a detailed breakdown of your historical scores:

As well as the top posts and pages that are influencing those scores:

There's even a comparison feature so you can see how you are faring now compared to whatever date range you want to measure against:

If you've been working on Site Health goals this is a fun way to check progress. 

Page Level Data 🙌

You might have noticed all the page-level details offered in the breakdown of the Top Posts and Pages for the Site Health Checks

The Mediavine Dashboard offers page level metrics that give amazing insight about your content and how well things are monetizing. To access page level data, just navigate back to the 🏠 Dashboard and scroll past the earnings and RPM reporting, as well as the breakdown by device. 

You'll notice that the Date range stays fixed as you scroll so that you can adjust based on the specifics you are looking at. You can also set a custom date range and search your top posts and pages for specific content.

Videos 📹

If you head over to the video tab you will see some features that were requested by you!

You can easily see the length of each video in your library as well as the priority of each video you have set. 

If you use the option in the upper righthand corner you can switch views to see all your videos in a list

And you can use the little arrows to sort! 

Do you want to sort by which videos are the longest, or see which you have chosen to boost? We've got you covered. 

Additional Video Features 🎉

Mediavine offers the option to add Closed Captioning to your videos so that your videos can meet accessibility standards.

Display by Ad Unit 📊

Bar graphs lay out the details of each ad unit and the percentage of your revenue that each accounts for:

And if you click on the ad units you get a detailed breakdown. 

There's also a table view that lets you use the compare feature. This is a really great way to track changes and measure performance. maybe you implemented a new theme or increased your frequency. These details offer you all the data you need to measure the impact of the changes you make. 

RPM and Earnings Data 💵

The reason you log in every day. 

These graphs are still side by side so that you can see earnings in relation to RPM. You can also use the comparison feature to see what's changed month over month or year over year. 

Country Reporting 🌎

Reporting by country is helpful if you have an international readership, but it can also be really beneficial if you are trying to troubleshoot fluctuations in revenue and RPM.

This breakdown offers details on RPM, CPM, Viewability, and Fill Rate on a per-country basis.

Settings ⚙️

The Mediavine Dashboard offers a great deal of Settings options that you can adjust whenever you'd like.

Recommended settings are all labeled and tool tips will link you to articles that will guide you through making changes, as well as monitoring performance.

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