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How to Disable Optimize Placement on One Video
How to Disable Optimize Placement on One Video

If you've chosen Optimize Placement site-wide for your videos, but need to adjust JUST ONE, this tutorial is for you.

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If you have opted to use the site-wide Optimize Placement Video Settings (which are only recommended in very specific instances), but need to override those settings for just one video, here's how you can easily do that.

If you’re using the code from the dashboard

If you’re getting the embed code from your Dashboard, just enable “Do Not Optimize Placement” BEFORE you generate the code. That overrides the global placement setting, and your video will show up exactly where you place the code.

Embedding from Wordpress

If you’re inserting the video straight from Wordpress, just check “Do not optimize placement” before you press insert. It couldn’t be easier!

* Note: These settings change the embed code itself. If you decide later to use the Optimize Placement feature, you’ll need to grab a fresh code without “Do not optimize placement” checked and replace it.


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