Mediavine now offers Autoplay options for both Mobile and Desktop. You can enable these via your Mediavine Dashboard Video Settings area. 

Autoplay Mobile

Autoplay mobile will take the first video that's embedded on mobile and make it autoplay! The video will follow the reader as they scroll and it will shrink to the bottom corner of the screen. Since most people's traffic primarily comes from mobile devices now, this is a great option and will be super important to your overall revenue stream. If the reader stays on the site long enough for the video to complete, another pre-roll ad and video will follow. 

Autoplay Desktop

Autoplay desktop will make your first video on desktop an autoplay video. It will follow your reader as they scroll, and shrink to the bottom corner of your screen. Desktop video tends to pay higher CPMs than mobile video, so this is another important one in a site's overall RPM picture.

Optimize Video Placement

This feature takes your manually embedded videos and places them in the optimal spot in your content. On desktop that is ≥ 1 paragraph below your 1st in-content ad. On mobile, it'll be ≥ 1 paragraph below your 2nd in-content ad. If you use content hints in any of your posts, the same rules still apply and our script will place it after the 1st content hint with the ≥ 1 paragraph buffer on desktop and after the 2nd content hint with the ≥ 1 paragraph buffer on mobile. 

This setting is recommended for all users. 

If you have specific video embeds that you do NOT want moved by this feature, you can use a custom embed attribute when grabbing the HTML to accomplish this. You'd choose the, "Manually Place Sticky Player" embed option on the page. 

Featured Video

Enabling a featured video will place that featured video on any of your pages that do not have a Mediavine video manually embedded. It allows you to monetize all of your content with video ads, and not just the ones that have a post-specific video created for them. 

This feature depends on the Autoplay Desktop and/or Autoplay Mobile features to also be selected. If you do NOT want to run a Featured Video on your site at all, choose "NONE" from the dropdown.

Advanced Settings

Featured Video Headline

This feature allows you to add a headline above all of your Featured Videos, giving them some context in your content. Good examples include, "Check out my latest video!", or "Trending Content on YOURSITENAMEHERE". 

HTML Element to Wrap Featured Video Headline

This allows you to choose which heading to wrap your video headline in. Don't adjust this unless you have a specific reason to!

Stick Player to Content Side

This setting adjusts the placement and anchor point of your Featured Video when it shrinks to the bottom corner of the screen. You can choose content side or sidebar side. This only impacts Desktop.

Youtube Channel ID

This is where you can link up your youtube channel and your MV Video Player. Adding your channel ID here will add a "Follow" button at the end of your Mediavine video. 

Player Aspect Ratio

If you want this to be a specific ratio no matter what size you upload your videos at, pick something here. Typically it is best to just stick with the original upload ratio though, which is the "Automatic based on upload size" option in the dropdown. This is a global setting and will impact any video embeds currently running on the site that don't have a specific size chosen in the Video Embed Code. 

Player "Letterbox" Background

If you are playing videos at a size that is different than the original upload size, they'll get "letterboxes" on the sides for display reasons. This setting allows you to customize those letterbox colors. 


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