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Mediavine Video Settings

Learn about the Video Settings in your Mediavine Dashboard

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Video is an important part of your business in many ways. Adding video content to your website is beneficial for your readers, can be important for how your posts appear in search results, and video ads are a vital part of your ad revenue.

Learn about how to control the Video Settings in your Dashboard.

Recommended Settings

Universal Player on Mobile and Desktop

The Universal Player lets you monetize with high-paying video CPMs even if you do not have any of your own video content.

You can learn all about the Universal Player here, and the specifics of setting it up HERE. We recommend the Universal Player on desktop as well as mobile for every site.

Optimize Video Placement on Desktop and Mobile

This feature takes manually embedded videos and places them in the best spot for page speed and revenue automatically - no matter where you place the embed code.

  • On desktop, your video will appear ≥ 1 paragraph below your 1st in-content ad.

  • On mobile, it'll be ≥ 1 paragraph below your 2nd in-content ad.

  • If you use content hints in any of your posts, the same rules still apply and our script will place it after the 1st content hint with the ≥ 1 paragraph buffer on desktop and after the 2nd content hint with the ≥ 1 paragraph buffer on mobile.


The Optimize Placement Settings were created to work hand in hand with Autoplay Instream Videos. Effective February 2023, Autoplay Instream Videos are no longer available. You can learn more about why we retired Autoplay HERE.

As recommendations have changed, learn more about Setting Up Mediavine Video for Success HERE.

Enable Mid-Roll

Videos longer than 8 minutes will be eligible for mid-roll ads. We will automatically place ad breaks for you, and you can opt-out of that feature in this menu. Learn more here

Enable Default Captions

This setting lets you add closed captioning to any videos you've uploaded to the Mediavine dashboard that only have music playing in them. It applies a default caption of ♪

Advanced Settings

Default Embedded Video Headline

Sets a default headline for your manually embedded videos. This feature was a publisher request; you can also set individual headlines in the settings for each video.

Desktop Stick Player to Content Side

By default, the video will shrink to the right “sidebar side” of your content on desktop. This setting allows you to move the video to the left “content side”.

This setting is not recommended with most themes.

Mobile Sticky Player Location

Adjusts the player location on mobile devices. If you have the Universal Player running (Recommended!), we recommend "Bottom Left" placement for the best performance.

NOTE: If you have Mobile In-View enabled, the player location will be forced to "Bottom Left" so that all the moving pieces can work together.

Video Player Primary Color and Theme

You can customize the look of your video player! Choose from a light or dark theme, and select a coordinating hex code to match your color scheme.

Player Aspect Ratio

If an aspect ratio isn’t defined for the video you've uploaded, the video will default to whatever this value is set to. This setting will largely impact older videos because most modern videos will have a ratio specified when you upload.

This is a global setting and will impact any video embeds currently running on the site that do not have a specific size chosen in the Video Embed Code.

Player "Letterbox" Background

If you are playing videos at a size that is different than the original upload size, they'll get "letterboxes" on the sides for display reasons. This setting allows you to customize those letterbox colors.

Youtube Channel ID

Links your YouTube channel to your Mediavine Video Player.

Adding your channel ID here will add a "Follow" button at the end of your Mediavine video. Learn more

Google Site Map

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