We offer a ton of sitewide settings in your Mediavine Dashboard to help you tailor your site’s video experience.

Here’s everything you need to know about your video settings.

Settings > Video

Autoplay Mobile

Autoplay mobile will take the first video that's embedded on mobile and make it autoplay! The video will follow the reader as they scroll and it will shrink to the top corner of the screen. For most sites, the majority of traffic comes from mobile devices. This is a great option that will be super important to your overall revenue stream. If the reader stays on the site long enough for the video to complete, another pre-roll ad and video will follow.

*We recommend leaving this feature off if the Outstream Mobile Adhesion Ad is enabled.

Autoplay Desktop

Your first desktop video will autoplay. It will follow your reader as they scroll, and shrink to the bottom corner of your screen. Desktop video tends to pay higher CPMs than mobile video, so this is another important one in a site's overall RPM picture.

Optimize Video Placement

This feature takes your manually embedded videos and places them in the best spot for page speed and revenue automatically - no matter where you place the embed code! It’s a ‘set it and forget it’ setting that takes the guesswork out of placement. It is recommended for all users.

On desktop, your video will appear ≥ 1 paragraph below your 1st in-content ad. On mobile, it'll be ≥ 1 paragraph below your 2nd in-content ad.

If you use content hints in any of your posts, the same rules still apply and our script will place it after the 1st content hint with the ≥ 1 paragraph buffer on desktop and after the 2nd content hint with the ≥ 1 paragraph buffer on mobile.

Note: Want to control the placement of just one video? You can override the site wide placement setting on individual videos. Learn more here.

Enable Mid-Roll

Videos longer than 8 minutes will be eligible for mid-roll ads. We will automatically place ad breaks for you, and you can opt-out of that feature in this menu. Learn more here

You can choose a video or playlist to feature site-wide! It will play on any post that doesn’t have a Mediavine video embedded already. That way, you can monetize all of your content with video ads - not just the ones that have a post-specific video created for them.

There are a few options:

  • Featured Video - This is one video that plays on each page view. If you have other videos in your dashboard, they will follow in a playlist with an ad between each one.

  • The Up Next Playlist - This is very similar to the Featured Video. However, instead of starting with the same video on each page view, it will continue where the reader left off in the playlist. Learn More

  • Custom Playlist - You can also feature one of your custom playlists. This is great for holidays and creating playlists around one theme. Learn More

Featured requires the autoplay settings to be enabled. If you do NOT want to run a Featured Video or Playlist on your site at all, choose "NONE" from the dropdown.

Advanced Settings

Add a headline above all of your Featured Videos, giving them some context in your content. Good examples include, "Check out my latest video!", or "Trending Content on YOUR SITE NAME HERE".

Default Embedded Video Headline

This is a default headline for your manually embedded videos. You can also set individual headlines in the settings for each video.

This allows you to choose which heading to wrap your video headline in. Don't adjust this unless you have a specific reason to!

Disable Autoplay For Users That Close Sticky Videos

If a user closes a sticky video, it will not autoplay on subsequent page views with this setting enabled. Note: This can reduce video revenue, and is primarily for improved user experience.

Desktop Stick Player to Content Side

By default, the video will shrink to the right “sidebar side” of your content on desktop. This setting allows you to move the video to the left “content side”.

Mobile Sticky Player Location

On mobile devices, we recommend the top right corner of the screen for the sticky video. However, you can adjust that placement with this setting.

Video Player Primary Color and Theme

You can even customize the look of your video player! You can choose from a light or dark theme, and choose a coordinating hex code to match your color scheme.

Player Aspect Ratio

If you want this to be a specific ratio no matter what size you upload your videos at, pick something here. Typically it is best to just stick with the original upload ratio though, which is the "Automatic based on upload size" option in the dropdown. This is a global setting and will impact any video embeds currently running on the site that don't have a specific size chosen in the Video Embed Code.

Player "Letterbox" Background

If you are playing videos at a size that is different than the original upload size, they'll get "letterboxes" on the sides for display reasons. This setting allows you to customize those letterbox colors.

Youtube Channel ID

This is where you can link up your youtube channel and your MV Video Player. Adding your channel ID here will add a "Follow" button at the end of your Mediavine video. Learn more

Google Site Map

Learn more about Video Sitemaps


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