Want to monetize with Video on your site? Mediavine has all your video bases covered. Here's how we can help you make the most of the awesome video content you are creating. 

We understand how much time and energy goes into creating video content. Mediavine has the right solutions for you and your readers! We want your video content to shine while making sure your site still stays nice and fast, and we want to make sure you are earning the most that you can out of each video you create. 

Don't have any video yet? Learn how to make them quickly and easily here.

Autoplay Video

Autoplay video is video that starts automatically without any direct action by the user. At Mediavine, we always autoplay muted for the best user experience. 

Autoplay is the industry standard for publishers that are serious about video revenue. It is the best way to gain impressions and views, and typically adds significant amounts to your bottom line.

Autoplay video works on both mobile and desktop. You can turn these options on or off in your Mediavine Video Settings area.

Find out more about Autoplay Video here.

Featured Video is video that is not manually embedded in your content, but instead takes a video that you select in your MV Video Settings page and will auto place it in any of your posts that do not have a Mediavine video manually embedded in it. 

Translation: You can monetize ALL of your content with high-paying video ads, even posts that don't have a video specifically created for them. 

If you want to make your own featured video we have a great tutorial here. You can use the same concept to create amazing, helpful, and beautiful video content that is post-specific as well. 

These Featured Videos will autoplay muted and depend on having both the Featured Video option selected AND the Autoplay Mobile and/or Autoplay Desktop enabled in your Settings. Learn more about our settings and how they work here.

Embedded Video

Embedded video is a video that you've manually placed into an individual post via the HTML embed code from your Mediavine Dashboard Video page or the MCP Video shortcode. This is generally a video that was created specifically for one post.

Embedded video is great for SEO and it's great for your readers. Once you have uploaded your video to the dashboard, you can grab the embed code and place it in the HTML of your site, or you can use the Mediavine Control Panel to place your video

If you need an embedded video to either not autoplay and/or not be altered by our optimized video placement option, you can do that by selecting the appropriate custom video attribute when you are grabbing the HTML embed code from your Mediavine video library.

Optimize Video Placement

The ideal place for video to run is just outside of the first screenview. This ensures your initial page load stays lightning fast, but also that the video will start to play high enough up on the screen that your reader will get to see most of your video and may even be able to see another video that runs after it via our Video Playlist.

What this means in the details is that on Desktop, your video placement will be ≥ 1 paragraph under your 1st in-content ad and on mobile your video placement will be ≥ 1 paragraph under your 2nd in-content ad.

Mid-Roll Video Ads

We now have the option to monetize your videos that are longer than 8 minutes! We launched our new mid-roll video ads (on 11/23/2020) so you can take full advantage of your longer, more detailed videos. This setting is enabled by default.

If you'd prefer to opt out, you can find this setting in your video settings tab.

You can also read a bit more about how these work here!

If you don't have any video content at this time

Try the Universal Video Player! The Universal Video Player is a small, sticky player that doesn’t require any uploaded video content. It plays short video “commercials” in mute mode as the reader scrolls.

It's a great alternative if making and editing videos isn't your forte, or if you just want to score some extra ad impressions on your posts with no video content already!

You can read more about this video option here!

Need help? You can email publishers@mediavine.com - we are happy to assist!

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