Video Player FAQ & Best Practices

Get the most out of the Mediavine video player!

The Mediavine video player is a great way to monetize your videos! Learn our best practices for using our player on your website. Don't miss our guide to creating a Mediavine video!

Best Practices:

  • Make the best videos you possibly can. If you don't shoot live video footage yet, learn how to make high-quality videos with your images and text overlays.

  • If you are looking to increase revenue, use all the video options that are available.

  • Placement inside your actual post is totally up to you. Some people like it in the post body, some food bloggers like it in the recipe card, some people like it BOTH places.

  • Reach out to us if you need help! We're happy to assist!


How much do videos ads pay?

It depends! Video CPM varies depending on the time of year, but video can add about 15 - 20% to your RPM.

Make sure your videos have a POST url associated with them in your settings, and that you have relevant keywords set! That's what advertisers use to decide what your video is about and whether or not they want to bid on it. Learn more about inputting video details here.

Can I still use YouTube and Facebook?

Yes! Do it! This offering is meant to be supplemental to YouTube. We recommend you still upload your video to YouTube as well. You would just use OUR embed on your site, instead of YouTube's.

You can even link your YouTube channel so that a "Follow" button shows at the end of your video. Learn how here!

We then display a link to follow you on YouTube at the end of your video.

Can I autoplay the video?

Absolutely! We have Autoplay Video options for both Mobile and Desktop. We autoplay muted to ensure we are using the best practices and not interrupting the reader's experience with your website, and the videos will follow the reader down the page as they scroll, shrinking down in the bottom corner to make sure they are out of the way.

To enabled autoplay go to Settings > Video:

If you have a video that you don’t want to autoplay, you can override these global, site-wide settings on each individual video. Just check “do not autoplay” before generating the embed code.

Can I upload any video?


The videos you upload must belong to you, or you must have permission from the copyright owner to run the file (e.g. a movie trailer provided to you directly by the studio).

What are the required video specs?

The largest resolution we currently stream in is 720p.

  • File types: Any video file type (e.g. .mp4, .mov, etc.)

  • Resolution: 720p (anything higher will be downsized)

  • File size: 3 GB or smaller

How long should my video be?

Videos should be at least 45 seconds long for the best ad performance. If you are looking to maximize revenue, keep your video between 45 seconds and 1 minute and 30 seconds. If you typically produce longer-form videos, you can still use them here. Sometimes people will make a trailer or promo reel for their long form videos to use on Mediavine, and then keep the longer version on YouTube where people are more likely to watch the whole thing.

If you have videos longer than 8 minutes, they are eligible for mid-roll ads. However, we do recommend excluding longer videos from the site-wide playlist.

What is the video quality?

We very much care about reader experience with video quality. We may never get to YouTube levels (Google has some pretty incredible budget and technology for these things), but we're always aspiring to make it better.

We store the original file that you upload to our dashboard in the cloud, then we do what's called "transcoding" as we have to create multiple versions of your video to serve to users. Then, based on a user's device and Internet speed, we figure out which version to "stream" to them.

If you're on a super fast connection you'll get the best quality we currently stream (720p) and it compresses all the way down for users on poor cellular connections.

Update the permalink on the video to be the most relevant post you have on the site. If you've uploaded a featured video that features many of your posts, you'll probably want to create an internal roundup that also features those posts to use as the permalink.

The advertisers use this permalink to help show them what the video is about and to decide if they'd like to bid on it, so make sure this is the best reflection of your video content. This link is also used to create the Mediavine Video Sitemap, so it’s important to fill that out correctly.

Learn more about the best video settings for SEO, user experience, and ad performance.

Can I upload the video more than once?

You can use the embed code we give you on any of your posts on your site. Just always make sure the permalink we have in our dashboard links to the most relevant post to the video.

Where should I place my video in my blog post?

Anywhere you want!

If you run the Optimize Placement feature, we'll automatically place the video in the best spot for page speed and revenue.

If you’re using a recipe card, we recommend placing the video both in the card as well as your content. Read more about video placement here.

How do I get more people to watch my videos?

Make sure as many of your posts that are receiving views have video running on them as possible, and use our Featured Video or Up Next Playlist options to monetize the rest. You can also curate a customized playlist to play across your site.

When uploading a video, can I add a permalink to an article that doesn’t actually host the video in question?

Yes, you can. We just need the URL that is relevant to the content that's in the video

How often should I update my videos?

Interestingly, the video content itself won't matter that much to buyers. Buyers are buying off a variety of factors on your site, but what is most important to them is how many people are watching the pre-roll portion of the ad and how it is performing (viewability, completion rate, etc.).

These are all things the Mediavine Video Experience is optimized for, so over time it will do very well. Advertisers track most of this off your domain and not the individual video itself.

Think of the video portion for your user and run the most relevant video you think they want to watch and don't worry about the advertiser.

Why does the video play without audio?

This is totally normal behavior. We follow the Coalition for Better Ads' Initial Better Ad Standards for all our ads, which means we have eliminated all obnoxious ad types.

The video adhesion unit was designed with CBA policies in mind.

In addition, user experience is tantamount to us — mobile phone users would surf away immediately if the video started playing with sound.


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