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Add an additional site to Mediavine at 25K sessions
Add an additional site to Mediavine at 25K sessions

A Pro publisher perk

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Mediavine Pro is an invite-only program designed to meet the needs of high-performing, full-time, professional publishers earning $100,000+/year.

An exclusive perk of Pro membership allows Pro publishers to apply to add additional sites to Mediavine at just 25,000 sessions, instead of the standard 50,000 threshold. This benefit is extended to Pro members in recognition of your proven ability to grow and maintain a successful site.

Many of our publishers own more than one site. We're here to help you monetize them! Here are some common questions we're asked:

Do I have to reapply with my new site?

Yes. All Mediavine sites must go through our application process. Please fill out an application and make sure to indicate that you have an existing site running Mediavine ads.

How long does this take?

All sites go through several levels of internal review, and are also reviewed by ad partners, each having their own set of standards. This process can take up to a few weeks, depending on volume, but we do assign priority to our existing customers.

Will I need to fill out another Google AdExchange form?

No. If you're already a publisher with us, we will let them know that you own more than one site. However, if this second site has a Google AdSense ban in place, we will not be able to add it to Mediavine.

Will I have more than one dashboard?

Yes! You'll only have to log in once, though. You'll have the option to toggle between your dashboards and see all your earnings in one place.

How will payments work?

You have options!

  • We recommend using one payment profile; our payment partner, Tipalti itemizes each site's revenue on your monthly invoice. This is the simplest approach and tends to make tax time as well as minimum payment thresholds much easier to navigate.

  • If it's important that you receive completely separate deposits from each site, you can set them up with different payment profiles.
    Read more about setting up payment profiles.

How does the loyalty bonus work on additional sites?

Each site has its own anniversary. The loyalty bonus adds an additional 1% to your revenue share for every year that we are working together, up to 5 years (5%!!!).
Read more about the Mediavine Loyalty Bonus.

Will my Pro revenue share apply to my other sites?

Revenue share is applied on a per-site basis. In order to receive the minimum 85% revenue share enjoyed by Pro publishers, the site must actually meet the requirements for and be invited to Pro.
For your additional sites, they will enjoy a base revenue share of 75%, impressions-based revenue share increases as they grow, and the Mediavine Loyalty Bonus as we continue working together.

Got questions? Email our helpful support team anytime at We are happy to help!

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