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What's my cut, what's Mediavine's cut?

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Our revenue share is a base of 75% to you, the publisher, and 25% to Mediavine, on ads where we have the expense of the ad server. 

You receive 75% of gross proceeds paid by advertisers and networks as reported by our ad server, while Mediavine receives 25%. 

There are no other fees for administration and hosting, sales commissions or adjustments for discrepancies.

Revenue shares may increase from the base 75% based on the following criteria:

  • If your site produces 5 million ad impressions over the previous 30 days, your revenue share increases to 80%.

  • If your site produces 10 million ad impressions over the previous 30 days, your revenue share increases to 82.5%.

  • If your site produces 15 million ad impressions over the previous 30 days, your revenue share increases to 85%.

With these changes along with our loyalty bonus, your revenue share on Mediavine display and video ads has the potential to reach 90%.

We offer full transparency.

Most agencies only provide you reports after ad serving fees, commissions, discrepancies, etc. For us, that’s coming out of our 25% (or 15% or 10%, depending on your ad impressions for the last 30 days).

Again, we do not adjust earnings at the end of the month for discrepancies or ad serving fees. What you see in your dashboard is what you get. 

How revenue shares are calculated:

The revenue share will automatically adjust for a single day’s earnings based on the previous 30 days’ ad impressions. There will be a note in your dashboard to let you know what revenue share that day’s earnings were calculated with. 

Since this is a rolling 30-day calculation, it may fluctuate day by day based on the number of ad impressions, but previous days will not be re-calculated. If Day 8 was calculated at 85%, and Day 9 at 80%, Day 8 does not get re-calculated to a lower revenue share after the fact. 

Your total number of impressions is available in your dashboard in the table titled “Mediavine Display by Ad Unit.” The second column of the table, labeled “Impressions,” shows the total number of impressions for whatever date range you set (default is 30 days).

Optional Ad Units

Mediavine offers additional revenue opportunities through partnerships with GumGum In-Image ads and Chicory.

With these partnerships we do not have the expense of the ad server which allows us to offer a revenue share of 90% to the publisher and 10% to Mediavine.

In your dashboard, these earnings are reported in the By Partner section, and are shown with the commission already calculated. You will receive the full amount of the earnings displayed here.

Anything defined in your dashboard as "Mediavine Display Ads" is calculated at the variable revenue share rate listed in your dashboard. Anything defined as a "Partner" as a line item is calculated at the 90% rate.

How can I tell what MY revenue share is on any given day?

Log in to your Mediavine Dashboard and look all the way at the bottom of the screen. Your revenue share is listed there, daily.

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