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PubNation offers enterprise-level full service exclusive ad management for sites specializing in gaming, sports, tech, entertainment and news.

Fast tech, Fast Site, Increased Revenue

PubNation uses the same high-performance ad technology that Mediavine is known for, including our Script Wrapper, Universal Player, S2S Technology, Grow and more.

Our philosophy is simple: Faster ad tech means faster ads which increases viewability and advertiser spend. Those faster ads also create a user experience superior to that of our competitors. A better user experience lends itself to increased pages per session, more time on site, and repeat visits. This works in favor of increasing traffic as well as impressions per session.

Increased Advertiser Spend * Increased Impressions / 1000 = Higher Ad Revenue

How we do it

Lazy loaded ads mean that the ad slots don't load until the user scrolls down towards them.

As the reader scrolls and is approaching a new advertisement, our script wrapper automatically detects that ahead of time and loads the ad in time before they browse to it. We do that via what we call an offset, or enough of a buffer to give the ad time to load before it appears on screen.

If you are focused on pagespeed or Core Web Vitals, working with Mediavine is your best bet.

Be sure that the Optimize Ads settings are enabled for desktop and mobile (in your Dashboard in the Ad Settings tab). Enable Optimize ads for CLS, as well as Mobile and Desktop InView. Optimize Sticky Sidebar CLS.

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