The Mediavine video player is a great way to monetize your videos! Learn our best practices for using our player on your website. Don't miss our guide to creating a Mediavine video

How much do videos pay? 

It depends! There's a wide range of normal CPMs for video that can vary from $15-$30, with some outliers outside of that range as well. Make sure your videos have a POST url associated with them in your settings, and that you have relevant keywords set!

Can I still use YouTube and Facebook? 

Yes! Do it! This offering is meant to be supplemental to YouTube. We recommend you still upload your video to YouTube as well, you would just use OUR embed on your WordPress post, instead of YouTube's. 

In fact, in your Mediavine Dashboard, under Settings > Video, you can connect your YouTube channel with your "Channel ID" from your advanced account settings in YouTube. 

We then display a link to follow you on YouTube at the end of your video. 

Can I autoplay the video? 

Yes! We have several autoplay options available for you to choose from including the Auto-Insert video, Auto-Embed video, Up Next playlist feature, and the Scroll-to-Play video (coming soon).

Can I upload any video? 

No. The videos you upload must belong to you, or you must have permission from the copyright owner to run the file (e.g. a movie trailer provided to you directly by the studio).

What are the required video specs? 

The largest resolution we currently stream in is 720p. 

  • File types: Any video file type (e.g. .mp4, .mov, etc.)
  • Resolution: 720p (anything higher will be downsized)
  • File size: 1 GB or smaller 

How long should my video be? 

Videos should be at least 30 seconds long for the best ad performance. If you are looking to maximize revenue, keep your video between 30 seconds and 1 minute. As always, keep user experience in mind! That will always trump ad performance when you are making video creation decisions.

What is the video quality?

We very much care about reader experience with video quality. We may never get to YouTube levels (Google has some pretty incredible budget and technology for these things), but we're always aspiring to make it better. 

We store the original file that you upload to our dashboard in the cloud, then we do what's called "transcoding" as we have to create multiple versions of your video to serve to users. Then, based on a user's device and Internet speed, we figure out which version to "stream" to them.

If you're on a super fast connection you'll get the best quality we currently stream (720p) and it compresses all the way down for users on poor cellular connections.

What if I am Google banned? 

We are adding partners to the video auction offering all the time, but Google is the main buyer here. If you are Google banned, your CPMs will most likely be lower than those with Google bidding..

What do I put in the permalink field?

 Always, always, ALWAYS update the permalink after the video is saved. DO NOT LEAVE IT AS YOUR HOMEPAGE. Google uses the permalink you provide in the box to understand what your video is about, to help serve proper ads. 

Can I upload the video more than once? 

You can use the embed code we give you on any of your posts on your site. Just always make sure the permalink we have in our dashboard links to the most relevant post to the video.

Where should I place my video in my blog post? 

Anywhere you want! If you run the auto-upgrade feature, we'll automatically take your manually embedded video on desktop and hoist it towards the top of the page (based on your settings) for autoplay. You'll want to place your videos in the place you think they'll be MOST useful and most likely to be clicked to play on MOBILE. 

How do I get more people to watch my videos? 

Turn on our Auto-Insert and Auto-Upgrade features!

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