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Site Health Scores FAQ
Site Health Scores FAQ

An overview of site health scores and how to improve them.

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At Mediavine, we aim to give you the tools you need to make the most of your ads.

One of these is the Site Health Check area of your Dashboard.Β 

Site Health measures...

  • Average number of Sticky Sidebar Ad impressions per session

  • Average number of Mobile In-Content Ads per session

  • Average number of Desktop In-Content ads per session

  • Desktop In-Content Viewability

  • Mobile In-Content Viewability

  • Privacy Policy required language

  • Up-to-date Ads.txt file

Site Health can be found in your Dashboard just below the Earnings Summary.

πŸ‘‰ Site Health scores are based on the last 3 days of data and are influenced by trending content.

More information can be found by clicking into the Site Health tab in your Dashboard navigation.

You can also click into each metric for additional details.

What do the colors indicate?

TEAL STAR: You hit the goal!

GREEN LIGHT: You can take steps to improve, but overall you're doing great.
Time to go for teal!

YELLOW LIGHT: Room for improvement.

RED LIGHT: Action Needed!

How do I hit the goals?

If you are not hitting "teal" marks for Ads.txt or Privacy Policy, there are specific actions in the linked articles that you need to take immediately.

To Improve Ad Unit Health Checks

Ad Unit Health Checks are based on a rolling last-three-days of data. This means that Health Checks are influenced by whatever content is trending. When trending content changes, Health Checks can also change.

If you have red, yellow, or green health checks for any of the three included ad units, you need to optimize the content that is trending.

STEP 1 - Click on the impacted metric

STEP 2 - Scroll down to the Top Pages details

The default date range is set to reflect the last 3 days of available data so that you can easily see the content influencing your scores.

Click through to each of your top posts and be sure to view them on the relevant device. This means that if you are trying to improve Mobile In-Content Ad Health, you need to check the posts on your mobile device, or in your browser using developer tools to mimic mobile.

Pro Tip: It can be helpful to check multiple browsers. Chrome and Safari are the most popular.

STEP 3 - Optimize each post using these tips

Our recommendations are based on years of research and data about SEO, reader behavior, user experience, and high ad revenue and RPM. Tips to optimize can be found in the unit-specific articles below.

Additional resources to help increase Site Health, ad revenue and RPM:

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