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Site Health Scores FAQ
Site Health Scores FAQ
An overview of site health scores and how to improve them.
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At Mediavine, we aim to give you the tools you need to make the most of your ads. One of these is your Site Health Check widget in your dashboard. 

The Site Health Check widget helps you take your ads' temperature and make sure they are performing well for you.

In your site's dashboard, you'll find your Site Health Check widget on the default 'Dashboard' tab:

The site health widget is measuring your site's last three days of data. Green lights are a wonderful sign that your ads are optimized. A teal star is a sign your ads are doing extremely well.

By navigating to the 'Health Check' tab in your dashboard, you get a more detailed breakdown of your site health and page performance.

What do the lights mean?

TEAL STAR: Your ads are doing awesome. Congrats on going for teal!

GREEN LIGHT: You're good to go! No action is needed, your performance is ideal in comparison with the rest of Mediavine. Time to go for teal!

YELLOW LIGHT: There's definitely room for improvement.

RED LIGHT: You should look to follow our recommendations as soon as possible. Your earnings will thank you.

How do I get to green? And teal?!

Optimize your posts to help your ads perform better. Start with your 10-20 most trafficked posts and keep our recommendations in mind for future posts. View our guides for unit-specific suggestions:

Check out these resources to leverage your page-level data to improve site health and revenue:

We're here to answer any questions you may have, so let us know how we can help!

Contact us at or click the chat button in the bottom corner of your dashboard.

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