Viewability is the metric that tells us how "viewable" an ad unit is. Ads that are seen will always pay more than ads that are not seen, so this metric is really important to advertisers when they decide how they are going to spend.

If you are really into all the details, we have an excellent blog post on all things viewability, but here's the quick overview.

For Standard Display Ads: Half of the ad must be seen by an active user for 1 second.

For Larger Display Ads: 1/3 of large ads must be seen by a user for 1 second.

For Video Ads: 50% of the video ad must be seen for 2 seconds of continuous playback by the user.

In your Viewability Health Check!

Teal Goals are 70% Viewability on Desktop and 65% Viewability on Mobile.

You can also see how viewable certain units are in your Ad Unit breakdown.

Increasing viewability is all about making sure that your ads are actually where your readers are, and understanding how readers are actually using your site. Here are the things you will want to enable or pay close attention to, to increase viewability (which increases advertiser spend!).

  • Enable InView! The average increase to in-content and recipe ad viewability with InView is 8.22%.

  • In order to enable InView, you will first need to enable 'Optimize for CLS' which also improves viewability.

  • Double check that you have both Optimize Ads for Mobile Pagespeed AND Optimize Ads for Desktop Pagespeed enabled.
    If you are worried about the specifics of the Optimize for Desktop Pagespeed setting you can learn more here.

  • Enable the Arrival Unit. If you offer a jump-to-card button on your site, this is a MUST-HAVE.

  • Recipe and How-To Cards perform best with Mediavine's default settings. For Create users, you can find the options to adjust this in the MVP tab of your Create card. Look for "Normal" under Ad Density. WP Recipe Maker and Tasty users can choose "Default" for Recipe Instruction Density and Default Recipe Ads.

  • If you aren't running the Adhesion Unit on mobile, desktop, and tablet, you should be. The Adhesion Unit has 95%+ viewability.

  • Look for conflicts. This is especially common with the Adhesion Units. Be sure you don't have any share buttons or cookie disclosures etc overlapping your ads. It can help to view your popular posts in a private or incognito window.

  • SITE SPEED 😱 Our obsession with fast sites is in part because a faster site will make you more money. So once you've exhausted your settings options, you'll want to make sure you have a fast site. That can get overwhelming pretty quickly which is why we recommend Trellis.

These settings will help to "power up" some of the settings we just covered. All of the settings in that list plus these boosters will help you boost viewability.

  • Enable PSA's. The Public Service Announcement Ads we offer help create awareness on a variety of issues, but they also help to mitigate CLS. Optimizing for CLS helps with viewability. You see where this is going.

  • Disable the Adhesion Close button. Keep that highly viewable ad unit in view for the entire session duration.

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