If you have Youtube videos that you hold the copyright to, and you aren't monetizing yet with the Mediavine video player, this article is for you.

First, some disclaimers:

  • You can only monetize video with Mediavine if they are YOUR videos. 

  • The best performing videos are between 45 - 90 seconds long, so some editing might be in order.

  • Some video, even a long one, is better than NO video, so don't let long video stop you. 

  • With Youtube, you only have to upload your video to YouTube, but with Mediavine video, you also have to EMBED it on your post. 

The YouTube audience is much different than your blog audience, and the Mediavine player (and recommendations) are catering to your blog audience.

A primer on Mediavine Video

Mediavine video works in a really similar way to Youtube, in that you upload video and embed the video onto your website. But there are some significant differences. 

First of all, the audience on your site isn't behaving the same way they do on YouTube. Meaning that they likely aren't there for the sole purpose of watching videos. They are there to consume your written content. That means you need to tailor your video to your audience for the best results. 

YouTube audiences have longer attention spans (surprising enough, if my teenagers are any indication of their average users!), and long form videos tend to perform better there where the opposite is true when you are embedding video on your site. 

How long should a Mediavine video be for the best performance?

For monetization optimization, you want to aim for videos that are about 45 seconds to a minute and a half long. 

The reason behind this lies in your analytics. 

Check your your site's average time on site for the last 30 days. (Behavior > Overview) I have a food blog, and it looks something like this:

That means on average, users are spending about 3:15 on a page on my site. (Note, this is influenced by a number of different factors, so don't count this as gospel. It is just one way to determine what the ideal length of your videos should be, and why.)

If I ran video that was 4 or 5 minutes long, that almost guarantees that I won't ever see an additional video impression due to our Up Next Playlist feature, which will run your videos back-to-back if you have more than one, with a pre-roll ad before each of them. 

If I run video that is about 45 seconds long, that means I have the potential of showing those readers ~4 pre-roll ads during their time on my page. 

That's an additional 3 impressions that are possible just because my videos are short and sweet and to-the-point. 


If your videos are long it is probably worth the 10-15 minutes it would take to cut those up and edit into a promo reel to use on Mediavine. If you don't know how to do this yourself, I'd encourage you to outsource it to someone you trust! There are many VA and video editing services that are discussed in the Facebook Group which might be a good resource. 

If you need help downloading your Youtube videos, here is their help page!

Okay, I've got the video! What now?

Now that you've got video you'll want to make sure and upload them to your Mediavine Dashboard

Once the video is uploaded, you just embed it into the post it belongs in. (Instructions for embedding in Wordpress with Mediavine Control Panel here.)

Next, you will need to turn on all of the video options in your Mediavine dashboard that will make you all the money. You can read more about these options here

You can also hook up your Mediavine player to your Youtube channel to maximize those conversations and grow your channel, and submit a video sitemap to Google because our player is fully marked up for optimal SEO benefits for your site.

That's it! You are off to the races and earning with Mediavine!

We'd encourage you to repeat this process with any videos that would work well embedded onto your blog. The more video content you add, the more opportunities advertisers have to find one (or several) that are perfect for their campaign. 

Make sure you fill out ALL of the information on the video edit screen, and many of those fields are used to determine whether or not an advertiser wants to spend on that video, so don't skimp the details!

What about the long version of the video? Should I embed that too?

The answer to this one is...maybe. 

If the Youtube video embed doesn't impact your site speed? Yes.
If it does? Probably not. 

One thing I've seen successfully implemented is to link to the full video version on YouTube so those who want to access that content have an easy way to get there. You can even make a fun button or other call-to-action if you'd like. 

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