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How to use your own Youtube videos in the Mediavine video player
How to use your own Youtube videos in the Mediavine video player

Learn how to copy your videos over to the Mediavine player, and maximize your revenue and RPM.

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If you have Youtube videos that you hold the copyright to, and you aren't monetizing yet with the Mediavine video player, this article is for you.


  • You can only monetize video with Mediavine if they are YOUR videos. 

  • Some video is better than NO video!

  • With Youtube, you only have to upload your video to YouTube, but with Mediavine video, you also have to EMBED it on your post. 

The YouTube audience is much different than your blog audience, and the Mediavine player (and recommendations) are catering to your blog audience.

Mediavine video works in a really similar way to Youtube, in that you upload video and embed the video onto your website. But there are some significant differences. 

💡 The audience on your site isn't behaving the same way they do on YouTube. Meaning that they likely aren't there for the sole purpose of watching videos. They are there to consume your written content. Video should be tailored to your audience for the best results, and should be created / added as useful a companion to that written content.

How long should my video be for the best performance?

In order to monetize a video it should be AT LEAST 45 seconds long. Technically 30 seconds is sufficient, but 45 seconds will ensure that your video is longer than any ads that play before that video content.

Get Started

  1. Embed the videos into the correct posts.
    If you have a recipe or how-to card, embed the video in the card.

  2. Take a look at our Video Player FAQ & Best Practices and double-check your settings.

  3. Connect your Youtube channel to continue growing your channel and following on that platform.

  4. submit a video sitemap to Google because our player is fully marked up for optimal SEO benefits for your site.

Repeat this process with any videos that would work well embedded into your content.

Make sure you fill out ALL of the information on the video edit screen, and many of those fields are used to determine whether or not an advertiser wants to spend on that video, so don't skimp the details!

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