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Prepping your site for your PubNation Launch!
Prepping your site for your PubNation Launch!
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Your application is approved and it is time to get ready to launch your PubNation ads!

Please follow these steps to get your site ready for launch. These can all be completed prior to your launch date. Your ads won't be live until we flip the switch on our backend.


1. Connect Google Analytics

Follow these instructions to complete this step in your Mediavine dashboard.

2. Login to your Dashboard

If this is your first site with us, click the "forgot password" link to generate a password reset email to the email address you applied with. Make sure to check your spam if you don't receive it!

If you already have a site with us, we can add your other sites under your existing login. Your account will be initially setup using whatever email address you put in your application, so just let us know if you want to consolidate those into one. Your dashboards/reporting will always remain separate, but can have the same login.

3. Select a Payment Method and set up your Payment Profile.

For info about Mediavine payments, please see this help page. For any payment related questions, please contact Mediavine support at

4. Fill out your Privacy Policy tab and enable the Consent Management Platform.

The Mediavine CMP (consent management platform) allows your EU readers to opt-in to personalized ads, which pay much higher CPMs than non-personalized ads. This is a GDPR requirement that started in May of 2018. If you have significant amounts of traffic from the EU, this can make a huge difference in your ad performance! For help with your Privacy Policy, please see this page.

5. Profile and Influencer Survey.

These are all in your Dashboard in the "Settings" area.

6. Check your social buttons

If you are running social share buttons that float across the bottom of your screen on desktop or mobile, please turn these off. They conflict with our adhesion units.

7. Check for conflicts

Please review this page which lists some apps, plugins, and code that conflict with Mediavine ads. Ensure your site isn't running any of these codes, most importantly:

  1. Lazy loading iframes or videos

  2. Cloudflare's Rocket Loader feature

8. Email us to let us know that all of the steps are complete! We'll check things over to make sure and then give you the "all clear" to pull down your existing ads and activate ours.

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