We understand how much time and energy goes into creating video content. Mediavine has the right solutions for you and your readers! We want your video content to shine while making sure your site still stays nice and fast, and we want to make sure you are earning the most that you can out of each video you create. 

To get started you will first want to Create a Mediavine Video by uploading to your dashboard. 

1. Embedded Video

Our first video product! Embedded video is great for SEO and it's great for your readers. Once you have uploaded your video to the dashboard, you can grab the embed code and place it in the HTML of your site. When a reader clicks to play the video, an ad will run before it. 

Best suggestions for placement are always near the prime part of your content. Wherever your reader naturally pauses (near a printable instruction or recipe card, for example) is great for reader engagement with your video content. 

Embedded Videos are click-to-play on mobile AND desktop, but desktop has a few more options. 

2. Sticky Video! 

Sticky Video features will only work on desktop. The Sticky Video unit will let your video autoplay once it is on screen and then as your reader scrolls, it will jump over to the side and stay with them as read. Sticky players have several options. 

  • You can make videos sticky one by one. This is a great option if you only want the sticky video player to run on specific posts. To use this option, you just check the Sticky Player box before you grab the embed code. 
  • You can Auto-Upgrade Existing Videos which will take any of your manually embedded videos, and on desktop will automatically move them to where you have your "initial placement" set on your page [no matter where they are embedded!] so they can autoplay muted.
  • You can Auto-Insert Your Featured Video which is a great option to help you monetize posts that you haven't yet made a video for! Choosing this will automatically insert whichever video you have designated as "Featured" and will add it as a sticky player on every post on your site. This turns every pageview into a video impression!

3. Mobile Video Adhesion

This unit is so unique that we actually applied for a patent! The Mobile Video Adhesion unit will run on mobile in place of the regular mobile adhesion unit whenever there's video inventory to fill. This feature will take whichever video you set as your "Featured Video" and run a pre-roll ad.

4. Video "Up Next" Feature

This is an exciting new feature that becomes available once you have uploaded two or more videos, and works with the Auto-Insert and Mobile Video Adhesion units! When it is enabled, your videos will play one after another with a pre-roll ad before each one. You are also able to prioritize any of the videos in your library to be played before the others.

This allows you to capture more impressions via your readers that are staying on your site for an extended period of time, and also improves user experience by showing your reader different videos and not the same one during their whole session. 

If you don't have any video content at this time

We'd be happy to make you a video specific to your site that is similar to this one. 

Typically people like to do a "Reader Favorites", or "Trending Content" or something like that for their featured video. 

If you are interested in having us create one of these for you, Please Fill Out this Form.

That will give us the information we need to put together your video and get upload it for you into your Mediavine dashboard. 

Need help? You can email publishers@mediavine.com - we are happy to assist!

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